Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Cameron, John, and I have been meeting up every Wednesday afternoon since I had been laid off. Out of the three of us, Cameron is probably the only one, whom we could call a “writer” since he is a freelance journalist and he occasionally writes for CNN (actually it’s CNNGo). Even so, we still like to call our meetings “The Writer’s Club” to sound dignified even though we don’t really talk about writing much (it’s just our excuse to see each other during our busy schedules).

During the last meeting at Shinjuku Gyouen(Shinjuku Park), John posed the most serious question of the day, which I will now present to you. It was:
“If you were in a room and forced to watch someone you love kill all the penguins in the world in the room next to you through a one-way mirror, and the only way to stop this massacre is to kill yourself by guillotine, what would u do?”

Shinjuku Gyouen

What would you do?


  1. I'd like to say "I'll throw myself under the guillotine to save all the penguins", but I would just be lying. In reality, what I probably would do is cowardly watch all the penguins die by the hands of someone I love.

    Really digging your blog & pictures. What camera/ film do you use for those dated ones?

  2. old canon slr and the cheapest fuji film i can get my hands on.

  3. Cool I sometimes use that film too. Do you develop yourself? Just wondering as I am broke all the time and bringing my films to the photolab is expensive. With the amount of pictures you've been posting, you seem to have no problem with it..

  4. i have problems... it's expensive.
    i do it at the lab. there is one place in Japan that u mail to in another city that does it 4.00 dollars a roll (develop and CD).

  5. I don't like penguins and I pretends nothing happen. That's all I can think off.. now

  6. but could u live with the guilt...?


  8. Could I live with the guilt. For the sake to live, I think I will and just kept silently by myself and dedicate half of my afterlife to become caretaker of the dead penguins... >_<

  9. I said Fuck the Penguins, but Jon also mentioned whether I could live with the guilt of penguin genocide as well as people pointing their fingers saying "he's the one!"...
    I guess that would be hard...