Monday, April 11, 2011

In the Shadows


  1. Beautiful. And at a time when we all need beauty. Not beauty like pretty pictures, though some of them are most definitely that, but beauty like this is life, and if life isn't beautiful, what is. Because what is beautiful is that in life people can make connections, people can be happy that other people exist. Reading your diary of the quake days (I was in Ibaraki, then Hokkaido, now Ibaraki) and going back and looking at your book that I picked up at your show in Bakurocho last year and a poster of your cats that I got at Utrecht a couple years ago I felt happy to be able to appreciate the vision you're sharing with the world. What you're doing is making life better for a lot of people. I'm one of them. So thank you.


  2. Hey Dan,
    Your comment left me totally humbled. Thank u so much for your constant support.

    I realized that you don't need to go to some far off exotic place to find something beautiful and interesting... if u know how to appreciate what's around u, that's enuf. most of my pics on TB are around my house or on my way to the film lab which is only two stops away.

    Cheers, and keep leaving comments please!

  3. Hi,
    I'm a fan of your blog(I know, it's a quite over time comment,though). but I have to say, I do love your pics and the words, which is full of honesty. Hope you're going well for everything and all the time. Really cute the first pic in a cat showing his back:)

  4. Oh, if you don't mind, can I share your photos to my blog some?!

  5. Hello Yvonne,
    Thanks for the warm wishes.
    Go ahead and share it on your blog. I would be honored.