Monday, May 2, 2011

Kayo and Kotori in Shibuya


  1. I love that book Mirai-chan. I saw the pictures in Brutus and they made me so jealous that I couldn't take those pictures myself.
    I just bought the book today - it is great but the binding of the book itself is awful. The pages are going to fall out soon I'm afraid.
    I just googled a bit in English - seems many people think Kotori is a woman ("Mirai-chan's mum") but as we see here he is not... I suppose just reading the name "Kotori" it's not easy to tell and his website doesn't have a pic of his face either :)

  2. His book is insanely good. It will definately win Kimura Ihei this year...
    unfortunately the earthquake stunted the sales of his book. I believe it could have sold much more.

    Anyways Kayo and him are probably the two biggest young photographers in Japan and super nice people.

    I understand what u mean about the binding. i think people either are hestitant about it or love it.

  3. I learnt about Kotori and his work only the other day. I have to say that I loved everything I saw of his. That goes for Kayo's work as well whom I've been aware of for a little longer, probably thanks to the Kimura Ihei award.
    Also just found out you're part of the same collective, Hajimenten right? Are you guys working together quite a bit?

    I like the cat shot above as well btw =D

  4. haha I never considered "loving" the binding. I actually thought it was some kind of mistake. But now that you mention it I think it might be nice when the pages fall out because I can use them like single photos - tack them up on the wall or whatever. I agree that he and Ume are the two biggest young photographers in Japan right now. Both of them give me that jealous feeling when I see their work :) There needs to be some kind of English write-up of his book (hmmm) since all the English bloggers out there are making wild assumptions because they have no information :p (not the first time that happened tho)

  5. ari,
    yeah, hajimeten is our excuse for our group of friends to collaborate together on projects... instead of just going out to izekaya and drink.
    our website:

  6. I was doing a bit of research about hese pictures and i was amazed how every English site stated Kotori Kawashima was the 'mother'!

    How did Kotori find the subject for Future-chan i wonder?

  7. Yes, a lot of people make that wrong assumption. Mirai Chan is the daughter of a friend of his.

  8. Thanks Pat Pat! I'm going to correct each of these misinformed bloggers one by one!