Monday, May 16, 2011


Day 55: Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Korean and his family, whom live in the fancy apartment across from us, are finally back. They had been gone for two months after the quake and the whole time the place looked like a ghost house (even with the automatic lights that came on at night). Today from the balcony, I could see that their place was full of life again. The dad was out sweeping the garage floor in his pajamas and occasionally I could see the kids again in the second floor window. In the back of my mind, even though I knew it was totally wrong, I couldn’t help but think flyjin because they had been gone for so long, and as much as I tried pushing it down, it kept popping back up unconsciously… The whole time while the dad was sweeping, I think he knew because he wouldn’t look me in the eye.


  1. You know my mum always said to me that if I was ever in some disaster, that I should just step over anyone to get out of it because life is more important than anything. And perhaps the people there may disagree with that or not, but behind saying that they have no courage I think that many of them will be jealous that these people have a way out. Dude, if you were a father would you take your family out if you could if there was a chance of a nuclear disaster? Or is keeping face really that much more important?...

    While I'm not one, being a father must give you a different view I imagine. Being single in that situation is another thing. After all, all of us young boys think were invincible.

  2. dude,
    Please read the links which are the words "Korean" and "Flyjin" in grey to get the full story cuz I totally agree with you and with what the father did.

    What I meant with this entry was that even though I understand all this, the derogatory word (which I hate) kept forcing its way into my head even though I didn't want it too... cuz I am human.
    Bad words exist and to never even think of them is impossible... but when u say them outloud in a hurtful way or you act on it, then that's just straight-up wrong.
    (For example, if you are in a car and in the ghetto, and you see some scary looking minority walking bye, and you think, "should I lock the door?"... that would never occur to u? It's sucks cuz it's discriminatory but sometimes it's just a natural reaction and u can't help it...
    Larry David on Curb your enthusiasm does it all the time, and we laugh cuz it's fucked up but at the same time we understand cuz we have been there before.

  3. Yeah, man I did understand where you were coming from, I was just trying to put it in perspective from the fathers POV. ^^ Sorry if it came off as an attack on you (kinda does as I'm reading it again), not what I meant.

    I know what you mean, it's stereotyping. Everyone says stereotyping is bad and all, but it's actually a human instinct to keep you safe. Sure you can stereotype people wrong every now and then, but by having it, it prevents you from getting into a shit situation when one does come around. Haha it's funny, people shit on stereotyping, but to not stereotype is to be naive.

    I hope though that people aren't hanging their heads in shame like you seem to be saying that the father was. As you said, there is no right or wrong in this sort of situation.

  4. Ok I've never been in Japan long enough to see them before so I can't help but wonder...what's up with those mini hour glass things at the restaurant? Do the people have a time limit to eat their food?

  5. Ari,
    Sorry I was so defensive too. haha.

    I feel bad for the dad because not only is he a minority here and probably gets discriminated at times...
    Right after the quake, Ian and I talked to him for the first time... that's how we found out he was Korean and had married a Japanese wife... but he used to work at a restaurant, and somehow hurt is leg so he is no longer able to work (for how long I don't know...)... that's why he's home all the time in pajamas till late afternoon...

    I also wonder how he can afford such a nice house though.

  6. the mini hour glass is the time before they kill u. (actually it's to tell u when your meat is ready to eat)