Sunday, June 5, 2011


On assignment for a newspaper, Haruka asked me to take some “atmosphere” photos while we waited for the person that we had to shoot to arrive. Since we were in the business district and it was raining, there wasn’t much to photograph so I had a random idea and asked Haruka to crouch down and put her arms through the rails of the bridge while I photographed her from above… I knew the paper wouldn’t use it, but still I wanted to give it a try. We must have looked so weird because all of a sudden I heard someone from behind us ask, “What are you doing?” I stopped and turned around and there was a little boy about 2 or 3 years old in a raincoat looking at us with curiosity. His mom kept trying to pull him away while telling him not to bother us… I think she thought we were bad people. I laughed and then turned back to shoot. I heard Haruka say something to him, which I didn’t quite catch. Afterwards when I was done and the kid was gone, I asked Haruka what was her reply to the kid’s question; and as she got up, she simply said, “My job.”


  1. That reply has a certain amount of humor in it but also spite, I guess depending on the way she said it. Haha and what do you mean "bad people"?

    I can only imagine what was said before you removed that earlier post under the BBQ. Do you ever write stuff hoping that the language barrier will stop certain people from reading? Because you know, google translate is pretty effective. :)

    Is it alright to ask what's this assignment about?

  2. Yes, exactly... her reply I think was amazing for many reasons.... especially one point where she is telling a two year old kid that it's work since kids don't really understand that concept quite yet...

    About "bad people", at least in Japan, if you do something that people don't understand, they think u are probably doing something bad or suspicious... I get that look a lot which can be tiring to the soul... but funny when u write about it i guess.

    there is a new free paper coming out in japan, and they hire a photographer to do each issue. i was fortunate to get to do the second issue. that's my first japanese freelance case.

  3. Will you tell us when it comes out? I'd love to get a copy.

  4. okay, cheers. do u live in japan?
    also I heard that my animal series will be out in vice photo issue next month (July)... It's going to be the debut I guess. Pretty psyched... and my first fashion shoot should be in this months vice as well.

  5. I do. Way out in Ibaraki (but I work in Tokyo. I'mon the train now speeding into the country night, actually.)