Friday, June 3, 2011

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Mt. Fuji


  1. It's funny that you retracted your notice of retraction.

    Also, I meant to mention before that I think it would be cool if you still occasionally did profiles/interviews of your artist-friends, which was the original premise of TB, right?

    This might be one of my favorite of these film-frame style sequences.

  2. Hi KT,
    Are u talking about the steak and spaghetti series? Yeah, I wanted to fight for the post, but after worrying about it all day and getting concerned and critical letters from people, it wasn't worth it. I think certain people would have gotten mad and would jeopardize friendships... the original post wasn't worth it.

    I also considered the interview thing actually. Originally right after the quake, I interviewed my ex-girlfriend and actually used a lot of the annectodes from that in the diary...

    I am still considering whether to do this interview thing though... maybe i should.

    the interview with my ex will be in zero 1 magazine's website next week I think... but i cut out all the earthquake bits.

    I am glad u like the mt. fuji series... Actually photographing Mt. Fuji in a different way is quite hard... because it's sooooo big, and is just a mountain... every photo u take will look like someone else's.... i spent all day, trying to take something interesting... but couldn't... until we were walking down back to our car, and all of a sudden the trash bag came.... and i told everyone to stop, so they wouldn't get in the shot... and when was done, i finally got my photo of Mt. Fuji of the day.


  3. Oh, you didn't take it away! I just looked at the wrong post. It's understandable if everyone involved is pressuring you to take it down.

    I'll look out for the interview. Sounds cool.

    There are a lot of places overphotographed like that. But I don't think many people have attempted/pulled off this kind of irreverent take on Mt Fuji.

    And I'm trying not to seem like I'm commenting on everything, but they always reveal such interesting things...


  4. No, Please keep commenting!
    It makes me know that people still care!