Saturday, July 2, 2011

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True Love Will Find You In The End

I’ve been listening to Daniel Johnston’s The Story of an Artist and True Love Will Find you in the End a lot these days... In a way, they are both so comforting to an unhappy soul, but at the same time, when does it become too much… when do you take away your drink and the excuses and decide to accept reality?

The dreamer in me hears and agrees with what he says… it gives me hope to keep going… but the pessimist in me says that even though he is a legend, he’s a crazy fat old man whose living with his parents and is still single, which is why I think his songs are so much more complex and tragic if you know about his personal life than if you just listened to them straight-up because, in the end, which should you believe more- the artist's vision of the world or how he/she actually lives in it?

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  1. this post is the story of my life. every single damn day.

    but you wonder, if thousands if not millions of others out there are feeling this way, who are the lucky ones who get a break? who are the ones who "make it?"

    artists rarely live the life you want to live. sometimes i wonder if it's even worth it. i'm getting tired of being broke. lol.