Sunday, July 17, 2011

Kobe Style

Day 118: Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Yosuke and I took the night bus to Kobe. Our friend Iikawa, who lives on an island off the main part of the city, greeted us when we arrived at his local station in his pajamas riding a little red bicycle. While we walked to his house under the sun, he explained:

“Sorry, I don’t have AC, but if you move and talk slowly, it won’t be so hot.”

A few seconds later, he also added:

“And when you use the bathroom, you must sit down to pee."


  1. sometimes i sit down to pee in the morning so i don't make an accidental mess.

  2. Apparently, Dad used to pee sitting down when I was a newborn so he wouldn't wake me.

  3. i think there is a curb your enthusiasm episode based around this topic too.
    anyways iikawa's house was super clean... when i was in his shower, seeing his shampoos and scrub brush and one tweezer, reminded me of American Pyscho because only a serial killer is that neurotic