Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Day 153: Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I talked to the girl again on the phone this afternoon. It had been awhile, so just hearing her voice made me feel warm inside again, and immediately I realized that I wasn’t over her yet… After our conversation, I talked to Yuki and she said that I should just tell her in person about my feelings.

So I did meet her… drank with her… taught her how to skateboard while I walked her home, but still I couldn’t say anything. I wonder why I can tell the whole world almost anything- even about masturbation- but I couldn’t say something as simple as “I really like you” to someone who I was holding in my arms so she wouldn’t fall and hurt herself.

When we arrived outside her place, we called out for Mimi the Cat, but she didn’t come like usual… then there was a brief silence... so I broke it by saying goodnight, turned, hopped on my board, and as soon as I rounded the corner and was out of sight, I pulled my hair and cursed myself... Not more than one minute after, I saw a wild tanuki run into the bushes to hide.

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  1. I feel like she must know how you feel already! But it's always a relief to get the words out. xx