Friday, August 12, 2011

(Photo: Willy came back home...)

Day 142: Saturday, July 30, 2011

Something is happening…

Last week there was an art book fair in Tokyo and while I was hanging out, a couple of Japanese people came up to me at different times and asked me if I was who I was, which had never happened before here (or anywhere else actually). I found out that they had seen My Little Dead Dick, which is still relatively unknown in Japan.

A few nights later, while I was at a bookstore waiting for a friend, two girls approached me as well - they were college students- and they asked the same thing. I don’t know if it was because of the heat or if it was because they were two college girls, but I started sweating a lot.

The following day while I was hanging out with my ex, she mentioned that one of her friends, who she had introduced me to at the book fair, went home that day and checked my website. After seeing it, he got so inspired that he went out and bought a camera. That was nice to hear, but I assumed she was exaggerating until yesterday at a friend’s art opening, that guy was there; he came up to me, took out his new camera, said the exact same thing as what my ex had said, and on top of that, he wanted to show me his photos someday that he had taken of his girlfriend..

After I had gotten back home, I checked my email and got a letter from my new English student. Actually she contacted me through Talking Barnacles, and asked me if I could teach her, and since she seemed nice and I needed the money, we met last weekend and to my surprise and luck- probably the first time in my 7 years of teaching English- she was stunningly beautiful. Anyways for some reason it turned out that she wanted me to give her life advice more than teach her English since she had been feeling lost lately, so for homework, I told her to do a diary to see what was floating around in her head… The email I got from her tonight was her very own 7-day diary. Before I went to sleep, I read it and by the end was touched that she would share something that personal with me as well as for the fact that she had actually followed my advice and made something quite beautiful with it.

And then finally it happened... At 3:57 a.m., the whole house began to violently shake. I ran out of my room in a panic and was greeted in the hallway by Yuki and Ian. We stood there in our underwear and waited for everything around us to settle back down.

(... but then left again.)


  1. Aiyo~~ Naughty naughty Willy.

    Glad that eveything are goes well to you. :)
    Did you know I started to take photos with my Big Mini after and year and half shooting everything personal related stuff with my mobile and also digital compact. thanks to ya!

    Am started to appreciate back taking photograph in Film.

  2. in spite of ending with an earthquake, this is still a solidly upbeat post.

    something i've wondered from the beginning- how much Japanese do you know?

  3. Flanegan B,
    I am glad to have affected u in a positive way. Film is great! Keeping up the resistance against convenience every once and a while is good for your soul!
    The Big Mini is a great camera. Did you know that's the legendary camera used by Hiromix? Araki likes it too.

    Yeah you are right. I almost didn't post this one because it was too happy... but then i realized that if i only talked about pain and unfortune then that isn't realistic or entirely my real life either... so i went ahead with it.

    funny thing.i'm more insecure about upbeat posts than the down ones.

  4. i can speak relatively enough... maybe intermediate level? i don't go to school so i don't know.

  5. You know the first thing I thought when reading this is why this girl wanted life advice from you when these TB posts make it seem as if you're still trying to sort your own out. On the other hand, how you're very open about your feelings in TB and you progressively work through them is probably pretty therapeutic. The 7 day diary is a really good idea.

    And Willy has amazing eyes.

  6. okay. gotcha. i just couldn't figure it out since sometimes you would say you couldn't understand something but then it seems like some people don't speak any english.

    but don't be hesitant to post pleasant things...

  7. Ari,
    haha... i guess it really does seem like my life is in chaos...
    actually i just write down my thoughts when I think them... im trying to capture what goes on in someone's mind without filtering too much.
    I believe most people think them as well but wouldn't share with others because they are just passing thoughts and emotions...

    anyways aren't we all trying to figure things out?

    yes, willy has nice eyes, but they are getting a bit cloudy... which is not a good sign.

    hope u are good.

  8. well, we've all seen your penis too. ;)

  9. (reposted response from a direct email, but i thought it was worth posting)
    dont worry i am not mad about your comment. i just thought that if there is criticism it should be constructive at least...
    yeah i was worried about sounding like i was complimenting my ego in that article, but at the same time, all that stuff happened to me, and if i didn't write about that and how it seems like things seem to be picking up for me and my photography... if only wrote about my misfortune,that wouldn't be quite honest, right?