Tuesday, August 30, 2011



  1. Hey Pat, never said congrats on 'New Cosmos', very cool and well deserved. I wanted to ask cause I was going through someone's travel photos and they had this huge date stamp on their photos that was very distracting. The decision to keep the date stamp on you photos, did you ever question it? I'm used to it now, and most times it's indiscernible but was wondering if you ever "debated" why you were including it, if that makes sense.

  2. Thanks, MC.
    As for the date stamp, its a record of the day because TB is my diary... also it is a stylistic choice. the photo looks and feels different with the stamp... (if you look at early tb entries there are no data stamp... then one day i put it in and decided to keep it)

    im not sure where you are from, but in america (which is where i am from), i think most people have a hard time liking the date stamp too because it reminds them of their parents photography when they were young... it feels amateurish.... but i think thats why i like it... it like an ode to amateur photography as well as a revolt.

    in japan, the date stamp is quite popular actually.

  3. The stamp grows on you :) I'm a big fan of it, it sort of makes me think that it is the 'pop art' movement within photography. Taking something serious and by adding the stamp to it you undermine the image or give it this casual tone. Which in turn gives it something completely new and fresh.

    With your work Pat, also Ume Kayo's and others, it really helps in bringing out the humour or sarcasm in it, or just give it the casual vibe.

  4. Ahhh...I get it now. I'm in the U.S. and it totally seems like a old-school thing. Why you do it totally makes sense, it's part of the theme. And those pictures i saw were from a Japanese person and I think Araki has some date-stamped photos too.

    In general though, still distracting and if it doesn't serve a purpose, like you have used it, for instance....it's still a bunch a numbers on a nice photo and shouldn't be there. Thanks for the answer.

  5. Ari,
    yeah I love the date stamp for so many reasons... i think you did a good job putting it into words.

    yeah i think it is an acquired taste.
    I did a fashion shoot for an american mag once with it, and the editors hated the stamp, so they photoshopped it out of all the photos.

    anyways you are right, if it's done for a purpose, it can be really nice.