Sunday, September 11, 2011

Hot Spot

Day 168: Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hajimeten held a 24-hour workshop about sports and art at an artist-and-residency space in Ibaraki. When we arrived by car, locals told us that Ibaraki sometimes gets high levels of radiation and warned us that we should stay off the grass because it's a hot spot, which naturally was a bit scary to hear. Even so, there were kids crossing the lawn on their bikes and playing ball, so we decided to not think about it as well (...but if we did actually think about it, the crazy thing was that it was only a 30 minute car ride from Tokyo).


  1. Toride and Moriya have higher levels of radiation than other parts of Ibaraki, but hardly high enough that you would need to stay off the grass. You'll be fine.

  2. Thanks for the information because I don't read the news... Do you happen to know any good informative sites about what's going on in Japan?


  3. Anyways I was worried to post this little entry because I wasn't sure if it was a fact... but that is what we heard from the locals... and whether what we heard was true or not... the matter that people are still talking about radiation, and more interestingly, how it affects them and what they do/think- some worry as if it's an insect burrowing further and further into their skin while others disregard it and continue with their day (but still with those thoughts in the back of their mind)... that is something to be mentioned.