Saturday, October 22, 2011



  1. The level of intimacy in your posts tells of an obvious understanding of the unmitigated disastrous consequences in your relationships. Nobody wants their circles to be intertwined by the various truths that surround the interactions and beliefs towards one another. Yet you somehow manage to skate ever closer to the edge of it all just crumbling, and as you creep ever closer, rocks on the edge have obviously trickled over the side. Yet you keep it together.

    Kudos for the social experiment, it makes for an interesting read.

  2. I never considered it to be a social experiment before, but sometimes more like a TV drama.

    My friend who is visiting Japan said, that he tries to occasionally read TB here and there, but it's like watching "Lost"... you have to start from the beginning and keep reading in order to understand what's going on as well as all the new characters that pop in on the story...Which worried me because I didn't think about that before... but he reassured me for those who do stay along for the whole ride, it's probably really rewarding.

    If I do think about it though, I do like long dramas much more than sitcoms though.

    Cheers B,