Saturday, November 12, 2011



  1. Congrats Pat! I like both shots, but the left one in particular. Are you going to feature the rest of the shots here?

  2. Thanks everyone.

    Max, unfortunately not. In my mind, Talking Barnacles is not a blog but a individual body of work itself... so I want to keep it pure as my diary (as opposed to my own personal promotional vehicle). But one day I will post the rest of the God Only Knows series somewhere like on my home page or hopefully one day a book.

  3. Hi Pat, I'm Karen from Malaysia.
    Was having a vacation in Tokyo...stumbled into this gallery and saw these artwork of yours too :)

  4. Hi Karen,
    Welcome to Tokyo. Thanks for saying hello and I am so glad you like the photos!
    Have a good vacation.

  5. I love these two shots! (the ones here of people hanging the pictures) So exciting!

  6. Hi Pat,
    I am so incredibly excited for you and this show, wish I could be there in person to see them. I was happy to find a few more from this series on Vice and look forward to seeing the rest. Wonderful work.

  7. Hi Carrie,
    Thank you so much. You are so kind!
    I wish everyone can see those prints in person! They are insane. I had the best hand print lab in Tokyo as well as the best framer in Tokyo working on it... when they first pulled it out of the box to show me, my heart pounded like crazy.

    Hopefully a book will be made someday so more people can see the rest of it. If not, i will put it on my site one day!

    Cheers and best wishes from Japan