Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Anonymous Message #1

"Sometimes Willy has moments when she looks almost human. My girlfriend often said that Willy’s face looked like her grandma, who had passed away. Since then, between the both of us, Willy was called 'Sueko-san'- the name of her grandma.

The 19th of December (the day of Willy’s death) was our one year-anniversary since we started dating, so I wondered, 'Why today of all days?' I couldn’t tell my girlfriend about what had happened to Willy then. Around the end of the year, I finally got the courage to do it.

Willy gave me lots of things. For one, I think she taught me about love."


  1. Holding this exhibition outside your place was a brilliant idea.

    Don't know if you've heard of it but there is this segment on the Graham Norton Show at the end where someone comes on and tells a story. I was watching an old episode where a man came and spoke about when he was a child, his hamster died. He was upset so he went to his local church and asked the minister to run a funeral service for the pet. The next day the minister turns up with the entire congregation at this boys house and they conduct a full on funeral service for a hamster. Now later in life this man was shocked at how much people would care for an animal or how far they would go.

    I wonder if you have felt the same about the sentiment that Willy has generated? This letter alone is an amazing response.

  2. ^^^That GN story is great

    Sometimes I get pretty sadlonely about living in a place where I'm constantly bumping into huge language barriers. There are a lot of great people around me, but sometimes it seems like it's hard to cross the extra barriers created by not holding a common language. It's really wonderful to see how much people loved and cared about Willy when they couldn't even speak with him(with words).

  3. Ari/Grace,
    I think it's easier for people to bond over animals because there is none of that invisible stuff that holds us back from connecting with other humans. We don't have to hold back when we interact with pets maybe. I don't know...
    but the letter was very moving. We were all so excited to discover it. It actually made the exhibition feel like a success even before it officially began.