Thursday, April 21, 2011

Gorow in the Morning

I did my first real fashion last weekend where I hired a bunch of my friends as models. I arrived early at the location. Gorow was the first person to arrive. She was as cute as always: her hair was wet from her shower and her breath smelled like old cigarettes... I felt bad making her wake up early since I wasn’t paying her, but I felt ever worse when I heard that she had lost her cell phone on the subway ride there. Even so, she was cheerful and positive the whole day:

“Spring has come.

My phone is having a nice trip now.

I hope he has a beautiful souvenir or present for me.”


  1. Is it for a magazine? Hope you had a fun shoot.

  2. It will be out in the next issue of Vice :)

  3. Great! I've worked for Vice in the past :)
    Looking forward seeing your shoot in print!

  4. Are u a photographer? What's your real name?

    The fashion shoot I did... I couldn't be more pleased! I want to do more from now.

  5. Yes I am :) My name is Angga Pratama. I'm glad you're pleased!