Saturday, April 23, 2011

In Yuki's Bed


  1. Sentimental Journeys by Araki about life with his now deceased wife...
    It's a classic.

  2. For a while I thought I was doing something completely new with photography, but then that day I was looking through that book, and I noticed many similarities... places... subjects... and even compositions... it's crazy.

    everything is just a remake of another thing... whether it's intentional or not. we are all telling the same old stories.

  3. Perhaps, but each photo you take doesn't have the same people as Araki did in his own or occur at the same time. And even if you took a similar photo at the same exact location it's 'feel' would be different. Araki's photos are really just a record of his own life, so if you're approaching photography in that same way then the photos would inherently be different wouldn't they? Because you're not Araki... then maybe because there are unintentional similarities, maybe that makes it a little more interesting?
    That said, at the very least try to be original but relinquish yourself to the fact over the past 150 years of photography every possible type of story has probably already been done. The only thing keeping it fresh is because the world keeps changing and so to do the people. Right?
    //rant over

    Sentimental Journey is a damn good book huh =D

  4. Yeah I know, it's on my never ending list of books to buy..

    I know what you mean with telling the same old stories. I sometimes feel the same way too, but I think Ari has a point. These days, it's near to impossible to be "original". Some photographers are just attracted to the same subjects, uses the same style or whatever but at the end it is you who makes the image. Even if someone else would make the exact same image, it wouldn't be the same.