Saturday, July 9, 2011

Another Shortage

When the weather finally became too hot to sleep, I tried everything I could think of: I opened all the windows... I threw my futon in the corner and tried sleeping on the floor... I even tried sleeping naked, but a minute or two later a mosquito flew down and bit my penis...

I think everyone had a similar experience
because the next day at the electronics store, it was crowded. We all found out that there would be a month long wait-list for fans in Tokyo.


  1. i found a good second hand one at the Salvation Army in Nakano Fujimichou. Only open Saturdays and not far from your house.

  2. thanks for the tip.

    since that day i got bit in the penis, i have been sleeping in the living room in the first floor which is a bit cooler. i also realized that my room is currently infested with fleas... which is another reason why ive been sleeping downstairs and haven't had the major need to get a fan yet.

    but when i do flea bomb my room, hopefully this week, i'll see if i need to get a fan.. and let u know if i do.


  3. yeah there`s other rad stuff there too, treasure in there sometimes.

    don`t let cats in your room you old fleabag.

  4. it's crazy cuz i only let her hang out there twice which was the day she killed the rat and maybe the next day... but now if i step in my room for 3 seconds, four fleas or more jump on my legs and feet.

  5. If no cats and no people go into your room for a while, will the fleas die off, or will they just find something else to eat?

  6. I slept in the living room for two weeks... and only went in my room to get clothes or cross it to access the veranda to hang laundry. they don't die unfortunately if you leave them alone... i think they can live months without eating.
    the bug-gers...
    but we bombed the entire house yesterday finally!! but the firealarm went off, and yuki and i had to run back in when all the smoke was everywhere, and she ran around in circles in a panic (totally useless) while i found a chair and turned off the alarms... then yuki kept saying she was going to die from inhalation when we were outside and kept rinsing her mouth and spitting with bottled water for an hour afterwards. to sume it up, it was fun (for me).